About the author of "The Depths of Existence"

Mihai Draganescu, former president of the RomanianAcademy, born in 1929, is well known in Romania for his works in electronics, for his role in developing the electronic anddata processing industries in his country, for his books of philosophyand also for the contributions he made to an understanding of the contemporary revolution in science and technology and itsimpact on society.

In electronics he published many original papersand two basic books: "Electronic processes in semiconductordevices" (1962) and "Solid state electronics"( 1972), is coauthor of other books, and has just printed a book on "Functional electronics" (1991).

He published also general papers on microelectronics,computers and informatics, and he began to think over the questionsthat confronted him: the lack of unity of science; the economical and social consequences of science and technology; the recognitionof an industry and an economy of information; the socio-humancivilization; the relation between technology and spirituality a.o. His considerations were published in books such as "Systemand civilization" (1976), "The second industrialrevolution" (1980), "Informatics and society"(1987), and in other co-authored or edited books.

Although in the above books there are manyphilosophical points of view, he published his first book of philosophy"The depths of the existence" in 1979. It wasfollowed by "Orthophysics" (1985). These books represent a new and original ontology aimed to a better understandingof the world and of the human, and also offer a possible solution for the unity of science (of physics, biology, psychology, scienceof information, and mathematics). He has published also a collectionof essays "Spirituality, information, matter" (1988) in which the new onthological model is at the basis ofhis view of spirituality, and another volume of essays "Informationof matter" (1990).

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