The Workshop “IST – Multidisciplinary approaches”, will be held in June, 27th, 2006 at the “Ion Heliade Radulescu” Hall, Romanian Academy Library and will be organised by the Research Institute for Artificial Intelligence, Romanian Academy under auspices of the project “The development of partnerships at the European level, the preparation of the common projects  in order to be submitted to the FP6/FP7 and in the next international programmes – PRO-EURO-TIC”, project financed by Ministry of Education and Research, National Authority for Scientific Research, ( through the National Program “Cercetare de Excelenta” (, module III “Projects for promoting the participation to European and international research programs”.


The Workshop “IST – Multidisciplinary approaches” aims to create an international forum for the discussion among researchers and developers of the areas related to IST including scientists from the areas such as: Computer Science, Communications, Digital Libraries, Mathematics, Artificial Intelligence, Natural Language Processing, Knowledge Management, eHealth, GeoSciences.


The Workshop “IST – Multidisciplinary approaches” seeks to promote interaction among researchers and research groups in order to create international and interdisciplinary thematic research partnerships.


On the one hand, the Workshop “IST – Multidisciplinary approaches”, is highly interested in the presentation of results of national/international and/or interdisciplinary collaboration projects which have already been carried out such as: “Support Systems for Knowledge Culture based on Solutions and Tools from the field of Business Intelligence (SSCBI)”, “Intelligent Systems for the Semantic Web, based on Ontology Reasoning and Language Technologies. Applications to Romanian (ROTEL)”, “Spatial Data Infrastructures with Applications in Environment Protection (INSPAM)”, Building a National Network for GMES Applications Support by Setting Up a Land Use Land Cover Information Unified System (LUCIUS)” and “Romanian Inventory and Networking for Integration in ERA (ROMNET-ERA)”. And on the other hand it is also interested in the search of funding to the creation of new research groups and collaboration projects within Programs and Initiatives of the European Research Area (ERA) of the VI and VII Framework Programme.